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Hefei: Out of control of industrial garden environmental protection 800 million
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Scale of developing zone of economy of Shuang Feng of long abundant county is large, the biggest to the menace of water quality of reservoir of big house capital of the State of Chu. The reporter concerned chief to undertake to here along with bureau of National People's Congress of the Anhui province, environmental protection recently dark visit. The developing zone shares settle of many 60 enterprise, press the natural flow direction of catchment, the manufacturing sewage of one part enterprise is discharged to big Fang Ying, another part is discharged to board bridge river, flow into Chao Hu finally. The abundant inside the area breeds Huang Youming of estate company assistant factory director says greatly, next conduit nets that all production sewage discharges an industrial district directly, because take industrial zone time at the outset, canal appoint the meeting is affirmatory and unified build sewage treatment plant, so the company proposes sewage disposal establishment oneself without the consideration at all. Company of chemical industry of pesticide of peaceful of the gold inside the area does not have sewage disposal establishment likewise, discharge 300 thousand tons of liquid waste without processing continuously everyday. Branch of environmental protection of the last ten-day of a month is dark in June after visitting, instruct deadline of its stop production to rectify and reform. But the reporter is dark the production in factory of the discovery when visitting still is undertaking, fireweed is fascicular near sewage draining exit, powerful exciting gas makes a person cannot be stood by. Sampling of liquid waste of the platoon outside the spot monitors an analysis, COD (chemical oxygen demand) chroma is 1460mg / L, exceed national level 6. 3 times, when polluting degree comparing to be checked last more serious.
Return the urban sewage treatment plant that did not build in the hope
The enterprise that why to have sewage disposal establishment again without environmental evaluation already can be industrial district put into production? The industrial district is in charge of Shuang Feng appoint Chen Taisheng of director of bureau of conference action trade says, it is very difficult that an item is introduced previously, did not consider environmental protection issue too much at that time. Till last year, the level that Shuang Feng industrial district recommends a project just rose a few. Before distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, shuang Fengkai sends an area to express about chief, strive for pumping station of sewage of moving peach source built before the bottom in September, developing zone north 2. Inside area of 18 square kilometer everyday 2000 tons sewage holds back board bridge river entirely. Canal appoint can return to acceptance of whole town common people: Will recommend the company of bad news of heavy pollution, high water anything but henceforth, preferential introduce environmental protection model, the enterprise of free from contamination; Environmental evaluation closes nevertheless, allow to go up anything but the project. As to how to effect a radical cure thoroughly pollution, economic developing zone is in charge of Shuang Feng appoint exposition and argumentation of Kuaicong of deputy director general of bureau of meeting construction development, hefei city prepares to build Cai Tian to spread sewage treatment plant, build after moving, the sewage of Shuang Feng industrial district can get handling entirely. And the Huaihe River of mew of bureau of province environmental protection does a vice director to be like Pu to tell a reporter, cai Tian spreads sewage treatment plant still is to doing early days to work only at present, build still need time. And, although Cai Tian spread sewage treatment plant to build, industrial waste water passes processing only, achieve particular standard talent to enter urban sewage treatment plant, like Shuang Feng industrial garden did not pass the industrial waste water of any processing so, cannot depend on a city completely establishment of communal sewage disposal.
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