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Hefei: Out of control of industrial garden environmental protection 800 million
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To solve the problem that the source is not worth Hefei citizen drinking water, the country threw 800 million yuan gigantic endowment build reservoir of capital of the State of Chu of Hefei big house. Can throw project of use this one benevolent rule this year in October surely formerly, however because circumjacent industry garden is wanton blowdown, water quality is polluted badly, its water supply plans to be forced to be deferred till the cows come home
Drinking water source was not cast with become bad 5 kinds
Reservoir of capital of the State of Chu of Hefei town big house prepares to construct Chen Sanbing of council office vice director introduces, hefei town tap water year demand makes an appointment with 200 million stere, but at present the drinking water source of only direct normal time produces shop reservoir oneself ability is 70 million stere, water quantity gap is very big. Reservoir of big house capital of the State of Chu passed project approving of project of the State Council 1999, began construction in December 2001 build, can solve the problem using water of Hefei dweller not only, still will produce beneficial result of enormous prevent or control flood.
The reporter is interviewed in reservoir of big house capital of the State of Chu when, had not seen water body, begin to smell thicker and thicker stink. Large area alga floats in surface, had begun cankered hair green, nigrescent. According to environment of the Anhui province the center that monitor is monitored, the contaminative index such as reservoir total phosphor, total nitrogen exceeds bid badly, already belonged to bad 5 kinds of water quality. Water of the Huaihe River of mew of bureau of environmental protection of the Anhui province does a vice director to be like Pu to say, according to national relevant specification, water quality of drinking water source must achieve 3 kinds of above, the bad that so organic like reservoir of big house capital of the State of Chu matter exceeds bid if 5 kinds of water become urban drinking water source, sure should join a large number of chloric undertake handling, once a bit processing does not reach the designated position, with respect to health of human body of can serious harm.
Enterprise sewage is discharged continuously namely without processing
According to branch of environmental protection of the Anhui province for many times dark visit, investigation, in water of big house capital of the State of Chu the discovery inside the area that collect water has the contaminative source of certain dimensions to nod 55, basically center at county of Hefei mayor abundant area of garden of industry of market town of developing zone of Shuang Feng economy, hillock and area of this world of Hefei city cottage are large garden of Yang Gong course of study. Shang Bin of director of institute of manage of inspect of environment of bureau of environmental protection of the Anhui province says, environmental protection of these industrial garden whole are in condition of out of control, great majority enterprise did not fulfill an environment to affect an evaluation to examine and approve formalities, without sewage disposal establishment, manufacturing liquid waste emits into net of the conduit below the developing zone directly,
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