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Hunan river water quality is overall lake of improving hole front courtyard " nu
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Yesterday, station of the province environment center that monitor released complete province in July state of surface water water quality, I save state of surface water water quality to continued to carry the state that improve. Among them, water quality of Hunan river trunk stream, affluent relatively before the month has improve apparently, the section water quality that did not amount to mark partly basically exceeds mark contaminant to be oil kind.

Simple general interest of Changsha Duan Shui is good

Monitor a station according to saving environmental quality 42 water quality of water area of key of river of main to complete province river monitors a station to monitor a data to undertake statistic is evaluated, saved main water area to achieve completely in July or excel Ⅲ kind the reach of water standard is 29, 69 of 43 section that holds total monitoring. 4 % .

In monitored Hunan river drainage area in 24 section, achieve or excel Ⅲ kind standard reach is 17, the rate that amount to mark is 70. 8 % . Among them, shed trunk stream of classics Hunan river to go up, river of middle reaches city paragraph, always water quality of city of city, Heng Yang is good, what its belong to 4 section to accord with Ⅱ entirely kind water standard, place of the Changsha City belongs to 4 section to remove monkey stone paragraph outside, the others achieves Ⅱ basically kind water quality. As we have learned, this year since first half of the year city of Changsha dusk cloud paragraph, Ji of 3 branch of a river paragraph, tall mouth paragraph all present good water quality nearly two months.

Two big reasons make water quality improves

The staff member expresses bureau of province environmental protection, hunan river water quality improves somewhat basically is oil kind, the compound pollution such as heavy metal and organic matter decreases somewhat, the mainest reason is Hunan enters flood season hind, relatively the strong precipitation that increases substantially had attenuant effect to pollution, and province government near future closes stopped the industry with a batch of heavier pollution, the contaminant that emits into Hunan river decreases, make water quality improves.

Still pollution of 4 section oil exceeds bid

Data still shows, bay of glow of individual plant continent, 5 stars of Xiangtan, Yi Jiawan, oil of Changsha monkey stone kind contaminant exceeds bid, water quality relatively on the month drops somewhat, for Ⅳ kind.

In addition, hunan river affluent 8 section are multinomial index exceeds bid, the fluvial section with heavier pollution is located in bay of Chen of Hunan river affluent Home Jiang Liang, main contaminant is oil kind, nitrogen of arsenic, ammonia, the ripples water water quality of the clear in relief river of Changsha and Xiangtan also uses water level under the life.

The main reason that water quality of two ground Hunan river exceed bid or two ground industry pollute more serious, contaminant to exceed mark to discharge reason be caused by.
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