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Pollution of processing river lake needs new idea
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Flow, system of water of watch of laky and other places is the assemble that discharges all sorts of sewage the ground, as a result of the aggravate of human activity, sewage emits into grow in quantity, the dilute of river lake purifies action to already was weakened greatly, exceeded the self-purification limit of river lake, make contaminant deposit is in water consequently, make water system dirty, black on one hand smelly, cause alga overgrowth to run rampant on one hand.

Face the current situation, our country administers a respect in river lake, use check commonly corrupt with clear silt two kinds of methods, but actually, these two kinds of methods are put in very big limitation. Above all, cut corrupt hind the construction that builds sewage treatment plant centrally and moving cost is extremely high. Although be in developed country Japan, sewage centers processing rate to also have 60 % only, there are 24 % only in the popularity rate of a wide place in the road under 50 thousand population especially. And the sewage of our country city centers processing to lead 10 % are only much, should achieve Japan's current popularity rate to be afraid still must need 10 old effort. And our country can take extremely limited fund to undertake local processing only, the state that visible river lake pollutes badly still exists a long time go down.

Next, tell from the technology, even if had complete section corrupt with clear silt, because river lake is an open water environment, the organic contaminant in upper soil sheds person and factitious rubbish to discard to avoid hard along with rainwater, time one long water quality is polluted afresh, accordingly not can ground of get sth done once and for ever solves river lake to pollute a problem.

Already was polluted badly in view of existing river lake, and pollution will still show volt long-standingly, urgent to the river lake that already polluted need carries out direct processing countermeasure.

The new idea that river lake purifies directly

Since river lake is medium of face source sewage banish a person inevitable, do not have so be necessary to put total energy in intercept contaminant to go up, why to change a point of view, undertake be depuratived directly to containing the river lake water area of contaminant? Alleged and direct purify, it is to point to be in directly riverbed, laky in or adopt near its a few purify measure, processing of on the spot. To certain sewage scale not be too tall river lake even need not cut corrupt build sewage treatment plant. If can not build a plant, be in directly riverbed or laky processing of li of on the spot, can reduce expenditure substantially. Accordingly, purifying a technology directly is the forward position technology that vitality has very much in domain of processing of river lake water quality.

The river lake that uses the most extensively in the world at present purifies a law to be osculatory oxidation law directly. In sewage disposal industry, people uses law of such as activated sludge, biology filter law, biology early to contact oxidation law to wait for all sorts of biology laws to treat foul water, these methodological technologies are mature, processing effect is first-rate also. But in our country these methods be confined to is used in concentration the place such as type sewage treatment plant, actually completely OK a riverbed, laky should make natural processing land, be in filling and setting of aeration equipment nearby riverbed or laky in. Law of biology contact oxidation suits river lake most this kind of upper water area is characteristic, want to go to proper filling dip in river lake only, the aeration measure with proper reassume, contact the diagnostic requirement of oxidation law with respect to can contented biology. Consider the environment of field open air of river lake of course, aeration means should differ somewhat with sewage treatment plant.
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