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Hunan water natural resources pollutes waste to defending fountainhead anhydrous
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The Hunan of whole area of vertical be linked together, endowment, 4 water of Yuan, Li and " front courtyard of 800 lis of holes " water natural resources, brought up the history to go up " the lake is wide ripe, the world is sufficient " . However, because water natural resources is spatio-temporal,distributing not all, year time change is big, and a few people are destroy, in recent years, "Water little, water much, water is dirty " what the problem already became relation Hunan to develop is important restrict an element.

Yesterday (27 days) , annulus of Hunan Province National People's Congress endowment appoint the 10th times to Hunan Province the conference presented standing committee of 10 National People's Congress " the circumstance that implements plan of law of executive law of environmental protection about Hunan Province and a few proposal " . This proposal caution: Current, hunan Province emits into Hunan every year, endowment, the industrial waste water of 4 current region has Yuan, Li 1.2 billion tons or so, the city life sewage that emits into Jiang He every year without processing has 1.1 billion tons or so about. Situation of Hunan water environment is grimmer still, water pollution prevention and cure is very arduous still.

   Did not come to water world: Hunan lacks water

" current situation of Hunan water natural resources is used at can lasting " the report makes clear, the total water consumption of Hunan already resided the whole nation 2003 the 5th, and the economic integration ability of Hunan is discharged however be in the 12nd, water efficiency under countrywide average level.

"Hunan is short of water to have bit of exaggerate sth just to scare people it seems that: Be located in wet and rainy area, rainfall plentiful, save gross of natural resources of old and average water to be 163 billion stere completely, house whole nation the 6th. But Hunan is one lacks water province really. " Hunan Province observatory is advanced engineer Liu Kuidong is very affirmative say: "Judge (in relief) Shao (in relief) arid corridor is almost annual big drought. Save chairman sand, although in relief river of Hunan river, clear is worn,flow and pass, but Changsha also belongs to resource model be short of water, pollution model be short of water and water supply inadequacy model lack water 3 person hold concurrently and have be short of water city. To 2005, the the Changsha City is doing year of drought commonly, but water supply quantity is 3.283 billion stere, and water requirement is 4.203 billion stere, the rate that lack water is amounted to 21.9% ; In special dry year of drought but water supply quantity is 3.119 billion stere, water requirement is 4.34 billion stere, the rate that lack water is amounted to 28.30% . Defending Jiang He's laky Hunan, although fountainhead is not little, had been immersed in however ' defending Jiang He laky be short of water to drink ' predicament. Had been immersed in however ' defending Jiang He laky be short of water to drink ' predicament..
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