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Who is careless sea of many sewage straight platoon " chicken ribs " the project
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Midsummer season, rain of power peace careless sea wind is errant, should be a lake when full water is clear. Be in however draw near inside the wide water area of the county, heavy rain does not conceal what serious eutrophication causes water system " fat condition " : Lift namely stink of raw meat or fish of? of  of Zhu Biao  is tangy and come, "Downy bright phearl " be being polluted badly.

Conduit drips sewage half careless sea is polluted

Dock of Xi Haicun of autonomous county of reporter Cong Weining risks rain to go aboard, through the wadi of an artificial excavate, mu Zhou 20 come after minute, enter the water area of careless sea expanse. The boat goes to power peace county more direction, not be a cozy job more -- lake water is blacker and blacker, shiny green hydrophyte grows more and more shockly, stink of unpleasant raw meat or fish is thicker and thicker.

In the punt on the lake already Song Shaoyu tells female boater of 6 years the reporter, careless sea nears the water area of power peace county, be called by local " south door head " . 6 years ago, "South door head " already was polluted by the sewage of the eduction in the county, contaminative limits is outspread all the time to " south door head " the dustpan bay on, area kilometer of about 3 square. Song Shaoyu says, fortunately now is careless sea floods season, this paragraph of time rains, otherwise " south door head " so smelly that let a person dare not come.

As we have learned, in the lake a large number of float hydrophyte call violet duckweed, it is water system the mark of serious eutrophication. Be in place of careless sea some, many make boat maintains violet duckweed to be not moved. And of violet duckweed below, one punt-pole pole is plunged into go down, those who take is to sending out the black mud of fishy flavour.

Good open wooden vessel not easily " south door head " on careless seaside, farmer people a when ridge in a field rises a long and narrow land in extending Xiang Cao of great capacity unevenly, region of predestined relationship of will careless seaside lay between a brook channel, brook channel becomes narrower toward county direction more, formed finally a conduit, song Shaoyu tells a reporter, the sewage in the city passes these small channeling to take careless of great capacity namely. These canaliculus freely crisscross, share how many to also say even her not clear.

How many water area does careless sea have to suffer pollution? Groove guard management is in Yu Yongqing section chief to tell a reporter, careless sea is worth abundant water at present period, right now whole surface area is 25 square kilometer, suffer sewage to pollute an area kilometer of about 3 square.

And before the reporter reachs careless of great capacity, guizhou university biology and environmental academy of sciences are round appoint vice secretary Chen Aidong and instructor Liu Yougong, already led this college nearly 20 graduate students and undergraduate made an on-the-spot investigation 5 days in careless sea, investigate estimation according to theirs, area of medium above pollution amounts to careless sea 50% , the 3 square kilometer that Yu Yongqing says, it is direct pollution area only.
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