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Karcher Steam Cleaner SC1020 EU clean stubborn oil
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Kitchen clean is a more difficult problem. Because the characteristics of edible oil, the average family's stove if not clean, it will form a thick layer of grease, and most difficult to clean the hood, the long-term absorption of various ingredients in the fumes, the dirt is very difficult clean. In addition, vegetables in pools, it is very easy tap common filth of the place, the result is the accumulation of long years, even with a variety of cleaning fluid is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning, but due to chemical agents corrosive impact of family health. Karcher Karcher SC1020 EU German high-temperature steam mode, without adding any chemicals, with different Pa head and nozzle, directly through the 130 degree high steam dilute oil. Just a few minutes, your kitchen can look. Karcher SC1020 EU while still on household items, such as sofas, carpets and clothing disinfected at high temperature to kill mites and bacteria. To prevent the proliferation of parasites! Karcher SC1020 EU then take a look at the basic parameters of it! Technical parameters: Power: 1500 watts, water tank capacity: 1.0 liters, the steam pressure: 3.2 bar, without the attachment weight: 3.0 kg Dimensions (L * W * H mm): 380 * 254 * 260, standard accessories, child lock protection, scimitar nozzle, to Pa Tau, hand picking head, brush nozzle, scraper bar Pa Tau, towels.
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