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Karcher WV 50 Plus glass cleaner to enter the Chinese market
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Germany is a creative pursuit of innovation, the future of the country, "Germany" are a lot of core technologies from the consumer's care, to improve human life as an industrial standpoint, to create a more wonderful city and life. Founded in 1935 by Karcher in Germany, for example, do not just sell products, but also committed to helping clients solve specific cleaning problems, has introduced a time-consuming low-, low energy consumption and easy operation, good effect of cleaning products to simplify the cleaning work, promote the "Made in Germany" quality. Such as the Karcher cleaning machines WV50Plus charge on glass has been used as one of the most representative of the German products as listed in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 in the German Pavilion, within 184 days for international visitors to show the German success in the forefront of the field clean. End of 2010, as Karcher "wash home appliance" series of home and garden cleaning products, imported from Germany, glass washing machine WV50Plus Karcher entered the Chinese market. Combines stylish looks and high-quality performance WV50Plus package clean home environment not only all of the smooth surface, and can be unplugged when the state of the wastewater generated by cleaning sucked clean, excellent cleaning results, suitable for all home users.
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