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Shenyang environmental sanitation is used " cleaning machine of high-pressured s
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Fast spent the New Year, every family is busy clean sanitation. Nevertheless, cleaning sanitation can be a work that lets poll ache, especially the number of this dripping water freezes is empyreal now, pure bath lets a person meet with for certain many blames. Fortunately the urban supervisor of Shenyang is thinking way all the time. On January 28, the reporter witnessed them in spot of culture road crossroads new-style the might that cleans a weapon: Its both neither uses water also need not dishcloth, it is OK to need to use steam only bilge cleanness clean.

Small " weapon " power is great

"60 people brushed two days fully last year, just swabbed on culture road crossroads 4400 meters lamp belt; Estimate two people two days to be able to do work this year agile. " the spot in culture road crossroads, director Chen Baodong that the appearance of a city of bureau of city town canal manages is laughing to say to the reporter.

Regard Jin Lang as the one part of Cheng of light chemical industry, two side installed culture road crossroads many tube. However, clean these tube to be able to not allow easy. Because of its surface besides floating dust, organic still motor-car splashs the slushy agent above, stick together resemble a scab. Winter is outdoors air temperature is low, if pure bathe, not only the staff member should suffer, and water is frozen on tube, tube also can be damaged.

Face these difficult problem, the appearance of a city does thought a lot of way, they introduced new-style cleaning machine this year. This the name is " cleaning machine of high-pressured saturation steam " equipment, by lead plane, conduit and spray gun 3 parts are formed. Lead plane is put in the car commonly, and the hand needs to take spray gun only when the staff member is operated can. In the spot, see staff member hand takes spray gun to aim at pitch-black tube only, immediately a Bai Wu is ejective, tube restored its original white very quickly. And on the ground, of crossroads protect column to go up to did not leave any water be soiled and besmirch at all. 5 minutes short time, about 50 meters lamp takes crossroads northwest side to be cleaned by it completely.

Chen Baodong discloses to the reporter, spring Festival eve, golden corridor along the line has bright Gong Tieqiao and the trestle lamp of Chong Shan road lead market of the culture road crossroads that changes establishment, Beijing, will use cleaning machine of this kind of steam to undertake cleaning.

Because this is planted,per sec. of steam cleaning machine can clear clean 3 pieces of two small handbills, plan of bureau of city town canal will use this kind of new-style weapon to cope with a city this year " psoriasis " .

Exceed only part water environmental protection

Current, cleaning machine of high-pressured saturation steam works in domestic town environmental sanitation in was not used in great quantities, shenyang can clear this with it street lamp has gone in countrywide front row. Cleaning machine of steam of saturation of use high pressure cleans horary water consumption to only 10-12 rises, have 0.066% of water consumption of common bath exercise only. The need protecting column that rinses culture road crossroads so 150 cars water, want 1 car water only now enough. Of course, the most important is its environmental protection, use it to undertake cleaning do not needing any chemical material, rely on high temperature high pressure to be able to evaporate stubborn oily be soiled, besmirch only. At the same time it also can be cut any petty break and hole, have come off or the characteristic of purify oily be soiled, hangover, obtained water of efficient, section, environmental protection, exceed clean, dry requirement. (Yu Hai)
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