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Ultrasonic cleans a technology to apply at eletroplating pre-treatment
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Use the cavitation effect that ultrasonic produces in the liquid, can clean workpiece surface to touch those who add is smeary, cooperate proper clear lotion, realize the processing that high-definition clean spends quickly to workpiece surface.
Eletroplate craft, spend a requirement to workpiece surface cleanness taller, and ultrasonic cleans a technology is the good technology that can obtain this requirement. Use ultrasonic to clean a technology, can replace solvent to clean smeary; Can replace report to remove oily; What can replace steel of carbon of purify of corrode of strong acid dip and low-alloy steel surface is ferruginous reach oxidation skin. Ultrasonic cleans technical application, can make of a lot of traditions clean craft to get simplifying, rise clear to wash quality and manufacturing efficiency greatly. Especially the work with higher demand of horn of relatively complex to those appearance, edge has advantage more. Use ultrasonic to clean a technology, return the function that can supersede strong acid, alkali inside very big range, reduce pair of pollution with the environment greatly, improve work environment of the worker, reduce labor intensity, to protecting zoology environment, make contribution.

To a few kinds of common workpiece surface states, clean craft circumstance brief introduction with ultrasonic:

1 polish exterior polish creams clean.

Usually, polishing creams often use olefin concoctive, olefin element amount is large, melting point is higher, solid state is presented below normal temperature, it is the material that cleans harder, traditional method is to use organic dissolvent is cleaned or high temperature buck is boiled wash have a lot of disadvantage. Use ultrasonic to clean can use Shui Jiqing lotion, be in in below lukewarm condition, workpiece the surface is cleaned clean thoroughly inside a few minutes, commonly used technological process is: ① immerses → ② ultrasonic cleans → ③ to rinse (clean water) full.

2 surfaces have oil and the cold rolling board of a few rust.

Surface of cold rolling armor plate has oil commonly, corrupt or a few ferruginous, it is easier to should be washed clean, but after be being cleaned via common method, workpiece surface still remains very fine small surplus is grey, influence follow-up machines quality, the method purify that must use strong acid to immerse again sometimes this float is grey. And use ultrasonic to clean and clean fluid appropriately, can achieve workpiece appearance convenient and quickly complete cleanness, make workpiece surface has taller active, can discharge working procedure of activation of dip of the acid before eletroplating even sometimes.

3 surfaces have the work of oxidation skin and yellow rust.

Traditional method is use hydrochloric acid or vitriolic immerse clean. If use ultrasonic to handle a technology integratedly, be in OK and quickly inside a few minutes in the meantime the oil of purify workpiece surface, rust, hydrogen clear problem that because strong acid is cleaned,avoided to accompany generation.
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