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In aluminous Guizhou branch: Processing of alumina liquid waste has new device
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Aluminous Guizhou branch is the oversize aluminium that from former Guizhou aluminium factory depart comes out in joint venture, it is Inc. of Chinese aluminous course of study the branch in Guizhou. This company develops independently " liquid waste handles alumina to use a project " it is to be aimed at the platoon outside alumina to contain a technology that alkaline liquid waste has to tackle key problem project.

The factory begins alumina of aluminous Guizhou branch in 1998 undertake developing developing, finished 2000. The liquid waste that took the lead in realizing real significance in enterprise of domestic person of the same trade " 0 discharge " . The expert group appraisal that organized via hall of Guizhou Province science and technology on July 12, 2002, the scientific sex of whole system and advanced sex achieve international advanced level. Obtain science and technology of 2002 year Guizhou Province to progress second-class award.

This project makes full use of existing infrastructure and technical condition, use new technology scientificly, use efficient fiber to filter, the patent technology such as depart of screw type arenaceous water, build simple, practical, economy " heavy arenaceous -- precipitation -- efficient filter " sewage disposal flow, the liquid waste after processing is answered entirely with, the economy that achieved liquid waste is handled and " resource is changed " ; Be " change kill for benefit, become useless to be treasure " typical sewage disposal and time with example.

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