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Sewage disposal of build of company of knitting of eagle of peaceful wave god is
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Black water of Brown printing and dyeing coagulates through garrulous precipitation, pass 5 segregator, pottery and porcelain of repass accept rice is compound film, become to purify water clearly, next repass conduit flow enters workshop of printing and dyeing, continue to be answered for knitting printing and dyeing with, whole process is a movement of closed loop type. Recently, the trade of labour of knitting of eagle of peaceful wave god of Yu Cixi of author v/arc be on the throne limited company, saw this sewage returns good manage facility. Detect according to concerning a section, the water after classics processing each index all standard of excel tap water.
Company manager Hu Baigen tells the author, since this year as a result of severe drought, waterworks is right of enterprise of printing and dyeing undertake be controllinged strictly with water, when legitimate enterprise seeks the way of section water hard, city planned development bureau to introduce this to cover equipment of high-tech water treatment to us. Current, liquid waste of processing of this equipment day is amounted to 100 reach 120 tons, 70 % above can be used for answering, annual but section water many tons 30 thousand, managing cost 120 thousand yuan.

This year, ci Xi will undertake centralized removing to enterprise of whole town printing and dyeing, the sewage disposal that plans to build a concentration is answered with device, design day treats foul water 50 thousand tons, this can solve assemble area to use water insecurity issue not only, still can save cost every year for vast enterprise many yuan 4000. In the meantime, eletroplate the processing unit such as foul water of liquid waste, hard salt water, town also is being developed debug in.

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