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[Shoemaking] equipment of PU of environmental protection of development of plant
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Learned a few days ago, development of plant of facility of polyurethane of Wen Zhoujia grand gives device of PU of environmental protection new generation, fill country industry is blank.

Equipment of this environmental protection PU basically is used at producing Lian Bangcheng shoe and sole, machine stage is used clean a system specially, need not 2 chloric firedamp are cleaned, direct use tap water can, free from contamination, avirulent sex, and clean clean, accord with national environmental protection each index.

Plant of facility of fine grand polyurethane is the mainstay business that domestic market research and development, production, sale is an organic whole. Equipment of the environmental protection that this enterprise rolls out PU is to be user be economical; 2 it is to was jockey person to create " safe " working environment.

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