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Mechanical total production value will obtain our country environmental protecti
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Current, annual produce of industry of world environmental protection is as high as 600 billion dollar, be known as development latent capacity tremendous " sunny industry " . The expert is forecasted, total production value of manufacturing industry of machinery of our country environmental protection will achieve 50 billion ~600 this year 100 million yuan, year growth is % of 12 % ~16.

According to introducing, the product basically has the environmental protection machine that nearly 3 years the market values: Equipment of sewage disposal of boiler of equipment of to decoke of flue gas of power plant of electric dust catcher, bag type dust catcher, ammunition, new-style industry, city and rubbish processing, these products are like an entrance to need 30 billion yuan, use homebred equipment to need 17.8 billion yuan only, machinery of homebred environmental protection faces rare opportunity.

The expert thinks, through development of more than 10 years, the product structure of industry of machinery of our country environmental protection, function and quality are improved significantly, it is mature that equipment of homebred environmental protection already tended. Among them report removes dust and hop-pocket removes dust advanced level of technical house world; Sewage disposal can finish the production that handles technological equipment and equipment of form a complete set entirely, some technologies equipment already infiltrated international market. In noise and oscillatory control technology, some exceed foreign advanced level, already preceded like technology of small hole noise elimination international level.

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