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Velar technology is in country of lake state city first drinking water project i
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Take the lead by bureau of irrigation works of lake state city, the project of drinking water of countryside of membrane method water treatment that the unit such as limited company of Euramerican environment engineering participates in Zhejiang jointly signed agreement in the lake on November 9, town radical village will regard Ou Miaoxi of Wu Xing of lake state city as the pilot village of this project.

This item is main equipment by the country new and high enterprise -- company of Euramerican environment engineering produces Zhejiang, this equipment applies extensively at the project such as desalt of industrial sewage, seawater, application still belongs to first at project of rural drinking water. This technology characteristic is craft content of advanced, science and technology is higher, application is agile, relatively a rural area that gets used to dorp to disperse and part are a mountainous area, classics is treated water can reach national country " life standard of potable water " .

At present this project already entered executive phase, predict in December the last ten-day of a month but complete, devoted move. The largest water supply measures this project 150 tons / or so days, can solve at the appointed time base village and circumjacent area 1500 drinking water problems of Yu Ren.

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