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Catalysis is wet combustion engineering technology marchs market of domestic fou
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A cup dark and the unit that the pharmaceutical factory waste water that carries aculeate nose scent is sent a mystery, after 1 hour, those who flow is transparent insipidity however, water quality and tap water differ very few clean water, this is sewage disposal of a kind of brand-new industry of high concentration degradation technology -- CWO (catalysis is wet oxidation) the magical result that engineering technology place shows. A few days ago by Sino-Japanese and joint-stock limited company of established engineering of environmental protection of Yunnan Gao Ke (YHC) establish ceremonially, president and tree village announce, will popularize this kind of new-style liquid waste to handle a technology to the whole nation, with lowermost cost, exchange the greatest environment benefit.

CWO engineering technology by Japanese Osaka gas company develops a success above all, take the lead in implementing the technology of a sewage disposal of industrialization application all over the world. This technology uses oxygen (air) the organic liquid waste that spends Gao Nong difficult degradation with activator and mud and kitchen rubbish are completely harmless change decompose, the water quality after processing achieves a country to discharge a standard, the oxidation of harmful material in using waste water is hot, according to equipment dimensions reductive become craft heat source or make vapour be used in order to offer him. As original as our country biochemical treatment and burn law photograph is compared, COW need not pass high temperature, SOx, NOx won't arise in handling a process, 2 evil flower wait for harmful material and mud grade to give birth to pollution, pollute an environment again. Because CWO engineering technology spends difficult degradation pollutant to undertake direct processing to Gao Nong, liquid waste of some of comparative Yu Yuan and litter processing system, the equipment of CWO is simple, cover an area of an area small, and execute modern operation management completely, but managing and much labor power, material resources. In the meantime, in handling a process, what basically use as a result of CWO is oxygen and activator, beardless microbial, can disclose part of the organic matter in liquid waste, ammonia, nitrogen completely not only, and can handle the poisonous matter such as cyanogen, methanol, the water after making handle is completely harmless change.

As economic development, the processing of sewage of air pollution, city life, industrial waste water already made our country's main environmental protection task. As we have learned, be in early 1997, yunnan Planning Committee manages with respect to requirement Yunnan university, Kunming the unit such as academy of sciences of environment of city of work college, Kunming, harmless to high concentration sewage and the industrial waste water that contain special and virulent substance changed processing to establish special task panel. Have similar research at that time still have Tsinghua, hand in big, Dalian with aid, Xi'an the unit such as physico-chemical institute. The course is compared, limited company of engineering of environmental protection of Yunnan Gao Ke introduced CWO engineering technology directly 1999, and in Osaka the support of gas group falls, carry research of two years, obtained a variety of 10 high concentration to abandon the technical parameter of water treatment, realized equipment, design, installation complete set technology is indigenous change. In March 2001, in Kunming cooking the factory that make energy of life built the industrial application that handles 20 stere liquid waste everyday to evaluate device, equipment movement is normal now, inside the factory high concentration, medium chroma cooking liquid waste comes true completely harmless change processing. This year, limited company of engineering of environmental protection of Yunnan Gao Ke still uses CWO technology, the processing that finishs many kilograms of 200 prussiate successfully for Kunming city public security bureau works. Current, the company already built the product line that produces per year 300 thousand tons of activator, produce activator by oneself, export to user of Japanese CWO engineering technology.
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