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Shandong bank the city zone introduces item of BOT of Singapore sewage disposal
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Recently, city of Shandong bank state bank garden of industry of the city austral the city zone contract of project of sewage disposal BOT signs.
Bank state city and bank the party card leader of the city zone, singapore environmental protection accuses a group president Li Qingzhong, hong Kong loves wave of Yuan Xin of general manager of company of friend environmental protection, singapore environmental protection accuses a Wang Lian of general manager of group Shenzhen company to wait attended signing ceremony.

Project of this sewage disposal invests with BOT means, the fund that Singapore environmental protection controls a group to be in charge of a project raises, construction, operation, safeguard and turn over, south the form that city industry garden expends with paying sewage disposal, reclaim as what expenses of operation of sewage treatment plant and project invest reach redound. This project just invests construction of 4 million dollar alone by Singapore, first phase project will achieve day to treat foul water the ability of 20 thousand stere. Cycle of run 26 years 2 0 months, among them, construction period 14 months, manage period 25 years.

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