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Smart Sonic will be in cleaning machine of halftone of EnviroGuardTM 100% closed circuit was rolled out on APEX 2008. EnviroGuard is first with what can clean of all kinds solder exclusively to cream cleaning machine of water radical halftone, use 100% closed circuit to rinse with full craft!

Smart Sonic filters tailor-madely in / ultraviolet the distinctive performance that its 440-R® surface matched to stick outfit technology to clean an agent to have on the system, conduce to thereby rinse with full solution implementation 100% closed circuit are operated and 0 volatile organic compounds (VOC) discharge. Below normal circumstance, need every year to change only two filter, upholding charge every time is 200 dollars about. System absolutely not leak is harmful waste liquid! Halftone and imprint by accident the deserted solder of PCB bequeath creams 99% is save to come down, reclaim simply in order to undertake. Odd 1% deserted solder cream filter by EnviroGuard the system is cleared, the environment that surrounds in order to realize complete biscuit is friendly clean craft! The filter after the user needs to will be used only is returned return Smart Sonic, undertake second birth is mixed use afresh. Like liquid waste evaporator, enviroGuard filters the system came true not only 0 discharge, and cost is extremely low, need not ventilated, simplified to safeguard greatly, and but repeated usage is all water natural resources, avoid water vapour to send out in air. EnviroGuardTM 100% closed circuit filters the system still can renovate cleaning machine of Smart Sonic halftone, need not use any liquid waste evaporator.

Be born in EnviroGuard previously, water of so called closed circuit base halftone can clean a system only bath solder creams or reclaim full water. The user often exhausts because of chemical or premature to load filter, and need changes regularly chemical additive, will clean avoid wash, inert turpentine soldering tin (RMA) cream with other bath solder. This brought a large number of harmful waste liquid to handle the work. Cleaning machine of halftone of EnviroGuard 100% closed circuit need not handle harmful waste liquid, can decrease in great quantities at the same time clean chemical consumption.

1990, smart Sonic was rolled out achieve ultrasonic halftone formerly cleaning machine and first halftone cleaning machine. These cleaning machine are mixed in environmental safety, user safety the parameter that cleans efficiency respect to offer, accord with bureau of American environmental protection (EPA) specific provision. Smart Sonic will be in APEX exhibited a stage the 1664th number to roll out 2008 and show set of EnviroGuard halftone cleaning machine, continue to fulfill its are offerred optimal the mission that 0 environments affect halftone to clean craft.

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