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Use efflux of extrahigh voltage water to clean phosphor to transform pipeline
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[summary] circumstance of the action mechanism that introduced efflux of extrahigh voltage water, plant layout and use extrahigh voltage water to clear phosphor changes pre-treatment of besmear outfit workshop the problem that encounters in cop process, specific aim ground offerred means of settlement and note, elaborated efflux of extrahigh voltage water to hold a workshop in besmear at the same time the application of other circumstance.

[keyword] ; of efflux of extrahigh voltage water cleans; phosphor to change cop;

[author] Cai Ximing

[Abstract] The Paper Introduces The Action Mechanism, equipment Configuration And Some Problems Occurred In The Cleaning Of Pretreatment Pipeline By Super-pressure Water-jet In Painting Workshop, and Gives Some Measures Against To These Problems And Some Matters Needed To Attention.The Application Of Super-pressure Water-jet In Other Occasions In Painting Workshop Is Also Discussed.

[Key Words] Super-pressure Water-jet; Clean; Phosphating Pipeline

[Author] CAI Xi-ming

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