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Cleaning machine of new-style ultrasonic conduit and modular the application of
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In oil, chemical industry, metallurgy or pharmacy domain, its produce the meeting in the spot to have many heat exchanger and medium duct, and inside metallic conduit except dirty with the problem that prevent dirty, it is the difficult problem that department of domestic and international numerous estate fails to solve for years all the time. What use generally at present is chemical drug prevents dirty except colophony of dirty, ion exchange, high-pressured squirt is cleaned wait for a method, but because technology of this kinds of method is dated, effect is not consequently apparent. In recent years, although also appeared to clean a technology with ultrasonic, but did not solve as a result of dependability technology, reason this kind of equipment or device are not breakdown maintenance rate is high it is life short practical difference, of inextricability conduit bilge clean a problem. As semiconductor power parts of an apparatus the development of compositive control technology, a kind new-style modular high sound intensity spends cleaning machine of conduit of tall reliable ultrasonic to had heard a world, be being applied in each domains.

Ultrasonic conduit is cleaned

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is transducer of ultrasonic of the classics after the concussion signal that is prep above frequency 20KHz through ultrasonic generator undertakes electric power magnifies (shake head) go against piezoelectric effect to be changed into high frequency machinery oscillatory energy adopts the tone in cleaning a liquid shoot, make clean liquid element vibration and arise countless small hole are amiable bubble. Transmit direction to be formed in negative pressure area along ultrasonic, grow, be in what pressing an area to close quickly and produce on 1000 atmosphere an instantaneous high pressure and blow up, form action of bow wave of countless microcosmic high pressure to smash this at the impurity becoming dirty of conduit a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center. This says namely call ultrasonic is cleaned medium " cavitation effect " . Ultrasonic conduit cleaning machine is based on namely " cavitation effect " technology and of the job. From " cavitation effect " knowable cavity and bleb are bring to bear on in the liquid high frequency (supersonic frequency) , the sound wave of high strenth and of generation. For this the group Chengdu of cleaning machine of any conduit ultrasonic conduit must have 2 main parts: The ultrasonic generator of date of telecommunication of high-power of high frequency high pressure, and can mechanical energy of electric energy translate into (press report to go against efficiency namely) the transducer of conduit type high sound intensity that passes via liquid shedding.

From the graph 1 can see, high sound intensity spends ultrasonic conduit cleaning machine main by telecommunication of high-power of high frequency high pressure the ultrasonic generator of date (signal source) , type of transmission cable, conduit coerces electric transducer to comprise loudly, its transducer puts park pipeline inside.
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