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Car of cell of new generation fuel develops a success in Shanghai
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Chinese researcher passes the with great concentration between two years of a long time to develop " surmount 2 " fuel cell car, through group of expert of ministry of science and technology evaluation was checked and accept a few days ago. With " surmount " what fuel cell car differs is, its all and crucial component is developed independently by China.

By the country the researcher such as professor of 10 thousand steel develops the 863 project chief scientist, university that be the same as aid " surmount 2 " fuel cell car, use Sangdana 3000 be assembled for archetypal car and become, stress the concept of car of clean, environmental protection. "Surmount 2 " in energy-saving on having outstanding show. Wastage of its hydrogen of every 100 kilometers from " surmount " 1 . 39 kilogram drops 1 . 3 kilogram. With " surmount " photograph comparing, "Surmount 2 " start of a race " erupt force " have greatly rise, from start to need only to 100 kilometer quickly 26. 7 second, than " surmount " shortened full about 20 second, highest speed per hour 118 kilometer, add sails course of development achieves 197 kilometer.

Drive electric machinery is the important part of fuel cell car. "Surmount 2 " used the motor that develops completely independently by China, replaced " surmount " entrance electric machinery. "Surmount 2 " in truckload 150 kilograms are reduced on weight, power of fuel cell engine raises 6 kilowatt, and dependability and stability exceeded entrance engine.

It is reported, "Surmount 2 " will attend to went in Shanghai Jia Dingju in October on behalf of China " mount clean car challenge frequently " . At the appointed time, it as advanced as world of all kinds technology, figure the environmental protection car of each different compares relative superiority or inferiority.

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