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Mount of car of the environmental sanitation that do not have stannum " clairvoy
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"The environmental sanitation that do not have stannum, please fast the park in be being driven toward the city is carried out sweep the job... " the monitoring room that manages in environmental sanitation of the city that do not have stannum, the staff member is staring at electronic screen closely to go up slowly 23 roundlet dot of peristalsis, often issue relevant statement. Since this day, the GPS that appears without street of stannic urban district (satellitic location system) the environmental sanitation car of fixed position, those who strengthened pair of sudden pollution incident is seasonable answer ability. Had this to cover " clairvoyance " system, once do not have road of stannic urban district to produce contamination accident, environmental sanitation personnel can hurry to accident place inside hour of the second half that receive a reply, deliverance efficiency can raise one times than now.

46 main force inside limits of the city zone of the city that do not have stannum now on, 15 tank car sweep car mount with 8 GPS environmental sanitation attempers supervisory system. As we have learned, apply a satellite to locate the system carries out real time to attemper to environmental sanitation car direct, in provincial still belong to first. Before environmental sanitation car wants road of one mount a horse to be shown only " put a sheep " condition, after having GPS location system, monitoring walks along the data such as course, travelling speed to the travel of environmental sanitation car be clear at a glance. Environmental sanitation is in chief to tell a reporter, car of every environmental sanitation has the area under administration that he secures, but because the distance is far,often happen before, block the reason such as the car up to cause car cannot drive pollution to the spot for a short while. Car of first 23 environmental sanitation equips after this covers a system, improved the service quality that environmental sanitation works and efficiency greatly, also reduced the difficulty of environmental sanitation management.

The phase below it is reported will continue to extend applied GPS system without branch of stannic city environmental sanitation, made application goes to the ship that protect clean, environmental sanitation rises to serve quality and efficiency inside bigger range.

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