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3 companies try Central Plains artesian well repeatedly cuttings of test artesia
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The cuttings of efficient artesian well with a kind of simple operation fishs for cleaning machine automatically in Central Plains artesian well 3 companies are published, this product fill home is blank, already declared national patent. The development of this instrument is successful, make worker of artesian well geology fishs for the solution in the job to be put from the cuttings of simple repeatability, the research sense that reachs oiliness temperament to strengthening layer to contrast at the same time is great.

The cuttings of the generation in artesian well process is the important information that knows layer, it is discovery and the important basis that evaluate oil gas layer, rely on to be fished for artificially all the time at present clean cuttings, because accept the restriction of time, span, amount, standard, the job is trival, amount of labor is big, easy leakage is broken, apply as what owe the artesian well new technology such as eject of balance, high pressure in recent years especially, often cannot get cuttings, so urgent need a kind of new-style and automatic cleaning machine replaces artificial backward mode of operation, dan Yan bits is cleaned automatically is a big difficult problem all the time inside countrywide logging industry, the brainpower of a lot of oil field also has done much work in the development respect of fishing dust machine, final the reason that as a result of the equipment of development effect of giant, application needs fails to popularize application in the spot.

Give a bulk for development small, operation the cuttings with simple, steady performance fishs for cleaning machine automatically, company of 3 companies geological logging established Central Plains artesian well technically to tackle key problem group, made detailed scientific research implement plan, machine prototype early or late 6, develop indoor test more than times 20, artesian well field test 11, come back through be opposite finally brace up bits fishs for the Zhen Shiyan coming back that the sieve gives priority to body cleaning machine, helix advances type to fish for cleaning machine, classification helix is advanced gain 3 opportunity such as cleaning machine child experiment repeatedly comparative, improve perfect, score a success finally, hind classics is white 72 wells, bridge 86 wells, Pu 8 - 2 wells, horse the logging field test of many 20 well such as 72 wells, the effect is very ideal.

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