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Hopeful of equipment of environmental protection water supply solves water suppl
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Water supply establishment affects the quality of drinking water directly. The ministry divides establishment of second water supply in the city year long disrepair, equipment stale, maintenance aperture close over is lax, maintenance iron ladder is rusty, clean cause not in time a few aquatic biology, plankton and all sorts of a large number of microbial growth progenitive, the sanitation that affects dweller life drinking water directly is safe. For this, the concerned branch of a few cities includes water the consideration in valence this factor of purpose, in thinking only the Bao Jie 2 water supply, upkeep costs brings into water supply cost, give consideration, ability protects clean and maintenance work to create precondition for cistern of 2 water supply.

Alleged 2 water supply is after showing tap water comes out from water works pump house, carry pumping station of pressurization of feed pipe net, village, flow in attic cistern, furnish by cistern nature pressure again every every. That is to say, the tap water that the major dweller of high-rise residence drinks, it is to store actually the water in cistern. The basis concerns a requirement, life drinking water establishment of 2 water supply (include cistern) should clean every year 2 times, change regularly disinfectant of water quality of life drinking water. Clean time to be the summer and Qiu Dongzhi to hand in surely commonly. But the residence still does not do a lot of city high-rise to be cleaned every year 1 times, some had not been cleaned several years even. Although discover water quality problem can dial a hotline at any time, wholesome supervisory branch also is in the special inspection that carries out pair of drinkable source of water, but always cannot from go up at all the contaminative problem that solves water supply 2 times.

For this, special research and development gives manufacturer of production of equipment of a few water supply equipment of environmental protection water supply. This equipment uses frequency control not to have water supply of negative pressure pressure boost, use sealed design, have function of free from contamination, protection rate of complete, automation is tall, economic electric energy, maintenance-free, avoid guard, cover an area of small, noise low and need not build cistern or cistern to wait for a characteristic, replaced canister of the cistern of underground, roof, pump room, steady flow, vacuum tank, and can connect with municipal canal net secondhand, pressure boost water supply, solved 2 pollution of equipment of high-rise water supply, environmental protection effect is good.

This equipment applies to dweller village vintage water supply (water tower, upper cistern) transform, also can use at building boarding house multilayer the life pressurization water supply of village of the residence, high level residence, life, still can use at watering continuously, in the pressure boost of water carries a project.
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