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Mud becomes the new technology of nutrient earth to develop a success in Shangha
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A few days ago, turn mud into afforest to plant the new technology of the earth of high grade nutrition of the tree develops a success in Shanghai.

Foul water of town of Shanghai international car, rubbish handles a project integratedly in, a when apply ferment 2 times new technology, can change mud useless to be treasure. It is reported, the daily treating capacity of sewage of this project first phase amounts to 50 thousand tons, about 50 tons predict to produce mud everyday in processing. Engineering personnel used a special technology: First the mud of will pitch-black smell and grading the life rubbish that remain is pressed deserve to be together than mixing certainly, inattentive rubbish as it happens is OK like framework open mud dispersedly come, be helpful for airy entering, create a condition to ferment.

Subsequently, have these mixture twice fermenting handling. After 30 days, mud can turn into together with rubbish nutrient clod. Again via smashing, choose wait for craft, become deep gray dull finally earth of high grade nutrition, can plant for afforest the tree is used. According to introducing, nutrient earth contains a lot ofthe element such as NPK, it is very good organic soil. Use such earth to plant tree, the soil that can avoid pure employ chemical fertilizer to cause hardens, the circumstance such as natural environment pollution.

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