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2 oxidation are chloric the actual application in processing of industrial cooli
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Summary: The article kills character and actual application to be a basis with the disappear with 2 chloric oxidation, introduced 2 oxidation in the round chloric cast mediumly in processing of industrial circulation cooling water impose kind, cast add fee of quantity, processing to reach cast increase the use method such as the operation and experience, for 2 oxidation chloric the promotion application in processing of industrial circulation cooling water offers the referenced opinion that has economic value.

Keyword: Cooling water of 2 oxidation chloric water treatment

In last few years, 2 oxidation are chloric (CLO2) as a result of its good pass the time in a leisurely way kills character[1]And produce cost to also be in drop ceaselessly, because this causes the heavy 視 of manufacturer of water treatment of all trades and professions more and more, use an unit actually increasing also. Use a result actually to make clear: With 2 oxidation chloric make what industrial circulation cooling water handles kill unripe agent, no matter be on the effect, on the operation, charge is reached to go up to have the tendency that replaces chloric department to kill unripe agent and blame oxidisability to kill unripe agent on safety. The data that our basis uses actually and experience, 2 oxidation chloric the introduction that the actual application in processing of circular cooling water makes one generality.

1 2 oxidation are cast chloricly impose kind

Because 2 oxidation are chloric (CLO2) antiseptic fruit is good, continuously effect time is long, because this can be used normally,send the kind that impose regularly. Apply actually dog the experiment makes clear: Cast add the oldest antiseptic rate often is in after 2 oxidation are chloric cast the 1~3 climate after adding to appear. In lab test, 2 oxidation are chloric maintain 99% above different to raise bacterium number reachs the day of antiseptic rate 5 days or so sometimes. 2 oxidation are chloric cast add cycle and cast impose quantity and systematic condition, condense multiple, water lukewarm, place reachs material of the reproducibility in water system with water treatment agent more or less to wait about. Normally 2 oxidation are cast chloricly add cycle to be 3~5 day, long also have those who reach a week. Cast increase an amount big, cast it is OK to add cycle a few longer.

2 oxidation are chloric not only can puissant antiseptic, and control alga and stick mud very effective also, chlorine disinfection place cannot be likened to this. 2 oxidation are chloric make concussion sex cast impose the condition that basically is used at paring mud is mixed to turn round water quality quickly to worsen, this respect often also is not oxidisability antiseptic than be in (like alkyl salt of ammonium of 2 methylic season -- 1227 etc) tower above prepares.

When 2 oxidation chloric as advocate kill unripe agent to cast when adding, OK and fixed or nonsked complementary add a few chlorine in order to cast to increase in coordination disappear reduces effect, decrease kill unripe agent dosage and maintain beyond chloric. In the area with chloric source insecurity, high price also but not complementary add chlorine, and use 2 oxidation entirely chloric make kill unripe agent.
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