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Accurate geometry emulation technology passes numerical control mill appraisal
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Recently, accurate geometry emulation technology is in a numerical control mill that owns own intellectual property Xi'an aircraft industry (group) the company passes appraisal. The development of this technology is successful, indicate emulation technology of cutting of geometry of group company simulation obtained a Xi Fei revolutionary progress, reached domestic banner level.

The own research and development that group of task of center of international numerical control passes last a period of time one year flies on the west, general knife is emulated in original emulation software on the foundation of the file, concerned personnel consulted many technology data, library of parameter of cutting of library of parameter of the athletic model that built all sorts of 48 structures and machine tools of 13 kinds of different coordinate numerical control, motion, aluminium alloy, and all sorts of special statement files, make the emulation motion of revolutionary will local cutting tool and spare parts enlarges this emulation technology to the three-dimensional campaign structure of integral machine tool, have direct imitate to emulate clamping apparatus of motion of machine program of G code machine tool, garage, use knife handle, workpiece to act the capacity of the effective machine program such as clip and other treatment element first, the success that the accuracy that raised imitate to emulate substantially and new product machine first is led, shortened new product trial-produce and craft finalize the design periodic. In the meantime, this technology can undertake program imitate is checked not only, still can undertake motion of system of tool cutting tool interferes imitate examination, expanded the function of original emulation software, created a condition to optimize numerical control to machine the technology program, dependability that improves treatment process.

This emulation technology applies half an year to come in company of Xi Fei group, get remarkable result. Center of Xi Fei numerical control uses this emulation technology, to machine program of existing of all kinds numerical control, machine program of numerical control of 42 spare partses undertakes the Ying Yuhang that assumes to Xi Fei especially actor assay card, comb-out the scathing phenomenon in bringing about a spare parts to machine because of program element, the spare parts after making machine and craft model are accorded with rate amount to 100% , promoted numerical control to machine those who make body standard to rise greatly.

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