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American scientist development goes use sewage to generate electricity equipment
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American scientist invention gives a kind of device that uses sewage to generate electricity, it can generate electricity not only, still can resolve the harmful organic matter in sewage.

This kind of dynamo is a 15 centimeters long hermetically sealed can, inside coal tub in the center of have club of a negative pole, there is a proton to exchange film outside negative pole club, there is 8 anodes club outside film. According to introducing, after organic sewage is introduced inside coal tub by the bacterium enzymatic decompose, an electron and proton are released in this process. While the electron flows to positive electrode, proton flows to negative pole through exchanging film, reach an electron to combine water with the oxygen in air over. Finishing afore-mentioned decomposing sewage process while, the electronic swap between the electrode inside coal tub arose tension, make this equipment can give exterior circuit power supply.
Researcher says, at present the electricenergy production of this equipment achieves his to generate electricity only of latent capacity very one of. They hope to be able to be accumulated through increasing positive electrode surface or use the positive electrode stuff with better effect to improve systematic efficiency. But the scientist points out, large-scale sewage generates electricity to still very long way wants, its develop the job to still be equivalent to solar energy technology only at present the 20 levels before coming 30 years.

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