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New technology supports clean gas production
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In oily network news: To receive Beijing Olympic Games was mixed 2008 Shanghai world rich was met 2010, the benzine that our country puts forward to supplied the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai 2005 is carried out be equivalent to Europe Ⅲ car discharging a standard. Fragrant compose turns the gas of FCC of cent of complete heat up in a steamer that turned an enterprise to produce clean benzine to offer a technology to prop up for refine a few days ago fall alkene technology (OTA) , the technical appraise sth through discussion that company of the petrifaction in was being passed organizes.

By Chinese petrifaction n this primitive sex of petro-chemical academy and joint development of college of Dalian grain industry innovates technical technological process is simple, fall alkene capability is strong, desulphurization falls benzene effect is good, octane number loss is small, at the same time benzine closes rate is high, hydrogenous cost is low, achieve current international congener technology is banner level, already filed 10 multinomial patent.

Current, 85 % above comes from motor gasoline of our country finished product catalytic cracking (FCC) device, the majority sulfide in finished product benzine and olefin come from catalytic benzine constituent, because this reduces the sulfur content in catalytic benzine constituent and alkene content, it is to accelerate benzine quality to upgrade replacement, the key that standard of quality of contented future benzine asks is in.

Stroke grind the analysis that courtyard and Dalian manage are versed in the university passes benzine of pair of our country FCC to comprise put forward a kind of new complete heat up in a steamer to divide FCC benzine to fall alkene technology course, develop OTAFCC benzine fragrant compose is changed, alkylation falls alkene technology. This technology uses activator of SHT / FDO to combine technology, among them SHT divides double Xi activator to be taken off optionally, FDO is catalytic benzine fragrant compose changes activator.

Task group is undertaking fragrant compose turns gas of a large number of catalysis of cent of complete heat up in a steamer fall alkene craft condition optimizes the foundation with 7000 hours of stability test to go up, enlarge tries in finishing industry of F DO activator, each content changed property to all repeat a lab to finalize the design the result of activator, reaction function achieved a lab to finalize the design the level of activator.

OTA technology shows good stability and stronger adaptability, device of OK and contented industry produces the requirement that run, be in Guangzhou early or late petrifaction, swallow hill petrifaction and try out of device of FCC of golden hill petrochemical. The result makes clear, the FCC benzine sulfur content that uses the refine of this technology to change an enterprise to produce but the / of milligram of 200 ~ 80 0 from before is overcome fall to be overcome to 200 milligram / the following, alkene content falls from left and right sides of % of 50v of 40v % ~ to 20v % , reach level of clean petrolic quality.
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